« Jeu, set et match » for the 3 SME partners of the FELIPE R & D project, labeled by the Techtera competitiveness cluster and financed by the Unique Interministerial Fund (F.U.I).

The objective of the partners of this very innovative project: to improve the properties of synthetic yarns on the market by incorporating thermoplastic elastomers and ionic liquids. In the sports and leisure sector, the yarns obtained as a result of the research will provide new mechanical properties. The ultimate goal is to achieve tennis racquet strings with properties so far unsurpassed with synthetic filaments.
Target markets: clothing, workwear, medical and sportswear.
SOFILA Company of the Billion-Mayor Industrie Group is the promoter of the FELIPE project
Overall budget of the FELIPE project: 2.1 M €
Start of work: November 2013
Duration: 42 months
Funding: State and local authorities – BPI France, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, Greater Lyon Métropole  and Lorraine region.
Co-certification: Techtera (leader) and Fiber Pole