The SONIC BIO-TAPES project is a collaboration between ITA (RWTH Aachen) and SOFILA and SAFILIN companies to work on fully bio-based hybrid bands for light structure components.


The Steeep Program has allowed us to acquire a new approach in our energy consumption and our investments. The Gervatex company benefited during 2 years from the accompaniment of CCI Drôme for this program. Several actions on utilities have been deployed since 2015: Investment in a new compressed air plant Heat recovery on compressors for […]

NHYCCO – New Hybrid Yarns for protective Clothing and COmposites NHYCCO is a research and development project funded under the 22nd call for FUI projects, supported by the TECHTERA competitiveness cluster and co-accredited by Plastipolis. Objective: Develop common threads for protective equipment and composites.